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Our Team

- My name is Alyssa. I make sure customers are satisfied with their service making sure their nails are the way they like it. And handling any problems there may be.

- I take my time with all my customer. Perfecting my work as time and trend changes.

- I've been a nail technician, specializing in every aspect for nails. Including nail designs.

- I am a professional Nail Technician. I take care off all kind of nails and satisfying customers' need.

- I've been a nail technician. Making sure to satisfy my customer's need, and taking my time. My customer's happiness is important.

I specialize in manicures and pedicure. I make sure my customers are relaxed and enjoying their service.

- I am experienced in manicures and pedicures. I take my time so my customers can enjoy and relax as much a possible.